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REVIEW: Supersports International 10 mile series Bangkok, presented by Skechers

Disclaimer: My participation in this race was sponsored by Skechers Singapore. RACE REVIEW: Supersports International 10 mile Series - Bangkok 19 May 2019 Introduction Well you have probably realized by now that my primary blog was dormant for quite some time. Well that's because I've been busy with some part-time studies since July'18, and I've had to scale back quite a bit on the running front. I still do a number of shoe reviews for RoadTrailRun  but longer reviews like the ones i typically do on this blog have had to take a back seat for the near future. In fact, i wasn't planning to do any more big races for the rest of the year, with the Tokyo Marathon in March'19 being the my only "A" race for the year. As luck would have it, I was approached by Skechers shortly after Tokyo about taking part in their races series in Thailand. The series comprises mainly 10 mile races, with 5 legs this year: 1) Phuket 31 Mar 2019 2) Hatyai 28 Apr 2019