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Racing with Confidence

I would like to focus on a frequently neglected aspect of preparing for a race – confidence. Developing race confidence depends a lot on the distance and profile of the race you are training for, and maybe even relies somewhat on having enough racing experience. For women in particular, you might find the competitive aspect of running races a little daunting, as it can get a little aggressive, especially at the start. As such, it is worth thinking about how to develop confidence at the start line. It not only makes you a better runner, but also makes the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful. In case there is any doubt, this confidence does not apply only to people who want to compete for podium finishes, but also to first timers who want the satisfaction of conquering a particular race. Here, I want to focus purely on the training aspect of the preparation. What we want to do is distil all the training and identify the key ingredient that is what gives people the mos