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Review: Skechers GoRun Ride 9

I'm very excited to review the Skechers GoRun Ride 9 today. Skechers Singapore has kindly provided me a pair to review at no cost. The opinions in this review are my own. I've been fortunate enough to test the GoRun Ride 7 and 8 in recent years, with  Roadtrailrun . See links here: Skechers GoRun Ride 8 Skechers GoRun Ride 7 The Skechers GoRun Ride 9 actually released in the USA sometime last year, but took a while to finally reach retail outlets in Singapore.  Before we dive into the review of the Ride 9, let's do a quick recap on the evolution of this shoe over the past few years. The Ride 7 was a resounding success for Skechers. Sporting a very soft and springy Flight Gen midsole, the shoe was incredibly forgiving and lively to run in, and a really like all-round daily trainer for many people. Personally, I found the fit to be a bit too roomy, it could have benefited from a snugger more performance-oriented fit. Enter the Ride 8. Ride 8 sported a whole new Hyperburst mid

Review: Formthotics Custom Orthotics

Disclaimer: I was provided Formthotics to try at no charge. The opinions in this article are my own. Formthotics Custom Orthotics are distributed in Singapore by FeetUp You can find out more at FeetUp  or visit their Instagram page: @feetupsg  They also have an online store:  Shopee FeetUp   I was approached at the beginning of September to try out the Formthotics custom insoles. Now, I will state upfront that I am not someone who uses stability shoes. All my shoes are neutral. Some are more neutral than others, e.g. Adidas Prime X vs Brooks Hyperion Tempo. That said, I have gone through enough gait analysis over the years (3x by different versions of ASICS Foot ID, and 1x by Adidas) that I know I do have some asymmetry in my gait, and that I do have some late stage forefoot pronation especially in the left foot.  Ironically, I have never had any injuries involving the feet before (knock on wood). I struggled with ITB Syndrome 2x before (both presenting with right knee pain), the last

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REVIEW: Supersports International 10 mile series Bangkok, presented by Skechers

Disclaimer: My participation in this race was sponsored by Skechers Singapore. RACE REVIEW: Supersports International 10 mile Series - Bangkok 19 May 2019 Introduction Well you have probably realized by now that my primary blog was dormant for quite some time. Well that's because I've been busy with some part-time studies since July'18, and I've had to scale back quite a bit on the running front. I still do a number of shoe reviews for RoadTrailRun  but longer reviews like the ones i typically do on this blog have had to take a back seat for the near future. In fact, i wasn't planning to do any more big races for the rest of the year, with the Tokyo Marathon in March'19 being the my only "A" race for the year. As luck would have it, I was approached by Skechers shortly after Tokyo about taking part in their races series in Thailand. The series comprises mainly 10 mile races, with 5 legs this year: 1) Phuket 31 Mar 2019 2) Hatyai 28 Apr 2019

REVIEW: Nike Vapor Street

Disclaimer: I currently own three pairs of Vapor Street, all of them purchased at full retail. The opinions herein are my own. The Nike Vapor Street is Nike’s attempt at a casual lifestyle version of the very exclusive unicorn that is the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite. Many in the running community saw it as lifestyle shoe, and hoped (myself included) that interest in the Vapor Street would draw sneakerheads’ attentions away from the Vaporfly 4% and allow real runners to finally get their hands on some 4% magic. The reality is that the 4% is still incredibly hard to come back, and is still being sold at ridiculous prices on the resale market, while the Vapor Street sits on shelves in the likes of Dover Street Market and End Clothing, amid a lukewarm response from shoe collectors. I saw the Vapor Street for what it really is- a cheaper trainer version of the Vaporfly Elite. Where else can you get your hands on that incredible anatomical fit knit upper that only the Vaporfly Elite