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REVIEW: ASICS Sortie Japan Seiha

The Sortie range of ASICS racers are probably not well known outside the Asian market. They are a range of very lightweight, high traction, no-nonsense racing flats that in truth, have not evolved a whole lot since their inception. As much as I love aggressive racing flats, I generally prefer shoes with less ground feel. The first Sortie in my collection was the ASICS Sortie Magic LT, the LT standing for lightweight trainer. This was the softest durometer shoe in the Sortie range, despite weighing in at under 170g. I used that shoe to race the ASICS City Relay 2015 and while I had a decent performance in that shoe (our team did win by nearly 20 minutes), I did feel a fair bit of shin strain during the race, and decided that it was still too little shoe for anything other than really hard intervals or fartleks.   Fast forward to early 2016, and I saw a striking new Sortie model, the Seiha, with its striking Cerulean midsole, minimalist outsole coverage, and two tone upper. This