Trying out the new ASICS Foot ID

On 7th April 2017, I got the opportunity to try out the latest version of the ASICS Foot ID at their new concept store at Plaza Singapura. 


The last time i tried out the Foot ID was way back in 2012 at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore race expo, and so i was keen to see what had changed.

The analysis came in two parts.

The first part was a static test where you put each foot into a camera box (fitted with 8, yes EIGHT!) different cameras. (That's the little box-like contraption on the right in the photo) These cameras took still shots of your foot from all angles and rendered a 3D reconstruction of your foot and ankle. This was really cool and you could see the subtle curves of the skin in the reconstructed images. The computer program was then able to use the image to make various measurements about the shape and width/length of different parts of your foot. The end result is a printout of different numbers which will hopefully serve to guide you better in deciding what size and width shoe would fit you best. 
As you can see from the data, I have pretty wide feet especially at the metatarsal heads. This means I do better in shoes with a wider toe-box. I also, have a fairly low instep (that’s geek for flat feet), which I have known for a long time. Fortunately, I can fit in the vast majority of brands fairly well without problems. 

The numbers also told me that I have a little bit of hallux valgus developing in the left big toe, i.e. the big toe is pointing outwards a bit too much, and could develop into a bunion over time, so I should look for shoes with a looser toe-box, not just for running shoes, but for my work shoes as well. 

Finally, my right foot is a little wider than my left. Go figure! I think it may be a result of me using my left foot more for exertion, and so the muscles are a little more developed and result in a slightly narrower footprint. 

The next step of the Foot ID process was a dynamic test. When I did this test in 2012, it was done in some unmarked really cool-looking old school running flats reminiscent of some of the casual-wear Onitsuka Tigers. This time, I was to run barefoot, with the logic being that shoes would alter one's natural running style and perhaps hide some flaws. So I got warmed up and did some barefoot jogging on the treadmill. I have done barefoot running on my home treadmill before, but never for extended periods. This short session actually got me thinking about doing some of my easy runs completely barefoot. Now I just have to figure out how to tape the footpod to my foot!

The dynamic test involved me wearing a few sensors taped to various parts of my feet, and then running on the treadmill while a camera videotaped my footstrikes from behind. It actually showed that I am a severe overpronator hahah!! I also have lots of excessive flexibility in my ankles, which ironically are something i like to work on through passive flexion stretches to maintain my flutter kick for swimming. Lots to ponder on here, though I am not sure quite how i can go about working on changing the running form. My gut is saying that what isn't broken should not be fixed, but these are some glaring problems there. Strangely, i have never found much wear on the medial parts of my shoe outsoles either in the midfoot or the toe-off region. 

I am still waiting for someone to do another pressure test for me, to see where my max loading pressure points are when I run. (In 2013, at the Adidas KOTR race expo at Suntec City, they had a barefoot running analysis system to see where the max loading point was in my stride, and i was happily informed that i loaded maximally at the forefoot hah!) 

I guess all this just goes to show you that you can get the data you want by changing the way you measure it, and the key is interpreting the results in a meaningful way. Lots to ponder for sure.

The entire Foot ID process took about 45 minutes, and I am sure as they get more hands on practise with the system, this can easily be taken down to 20 minutes or less. Maybe I am just a more tedious customer haha.

Here's the good news: this new Foot ID system will be available for the public to try out for FREE, albeit on an appointment basis. I am still waiting for the details to be ironed out for this and will add more information here as I get them. 

I am also testing out the new Gel-Quantum 360 knit, though for now, it seems more suited as a lifestyle shoe than a proper trainer. Stay tuned for a short review on this shoe.

Here's the official press release from ASICS:
SINGAPORE | 11 April 2017


Singapore, 11 April 2017 ASICS is pleased to announce the opening of its new store along the prime shopping district of Orchard Road on 31 March 2017.

The new ASICS store is conveniently located in Plaza Singapura, an iconic shopping mall popular with families, teenagers and young adults, and known for its diverse selection of fashion and lifestyle brands, entertainment and extensive F&B choices.

It is also the first store in SE Asia to unveil the brand’s exciting new retail concept. The modern look of this store features an impressive glass shelving with LED lighting to showcase the range of over 50 styles of iconic ASICS shoes at the main store window, visible to all passerby’s. The new retail concept expresses the innovation and technical excellence of the ASICS brand by creating a space to engage both a sound mind and sound body through innovative exploration and technical production.  From the lighting strategy to highlight key areas, warm internal spaces to the usage of different materials like cross-laminated timber, rubber crumb matting and maple gym flooring, these new features amalgamate to ensure an enjoyable and gratifying shopping experience for everyone.

To mark the special occasion, the 1,478 sq ft new store will carry the GEL-QUANTUM 360 KNIT (the urban stylish performer for runners) and a comprehensive range of ASICS footwear, accessories, apparel for Men's, Women's and Kids.  Another unique feature is the updated version of the proprietary ASICS FOOT ID System.

With 360 degrees of GEL-Cushioning, the GEL-QUANTUM 360 KNIT is the ideal running shoe to meet the active urbanite’s demands of superior performance and endurance. The full length Trusstic System delivers support and a spring-loaded ride to power through each workout for a high-octane run. The advanced, nearly seamless FluidFit upper is constructed to provide strategic support for a great feel while running, it is now updated with a seamless upper knit, which perfectly combines style, ComforDry comfort and ortholite lasting X-40 Ortholite Sockliner.

Besides the extensive choices of shoes, customers are further pampered to the latest version of FOOT ID System at the new store. This is the second store in Singapore to offer this popular and exclusive ASICS feature.

ASICS FOOT ID is a destination area within the store offering static and dynamic measurements, including foot shape analysis and gait cycle analysis. ASICS FOOT ID static measures the foot shape and ASICS FOOT ID dynamic analyzes the consumer’s gait while running. It helps runners find the most suitable shoes to draw the last ounce of performance out of them.

The latest version offers an enhanced and detailed 3D analysis of the customer's running form via a simple camera.  This enables the analysis of torsional stress in the lower limb and to propose proper support gear like compression apparel for the customer, in addition to the right running shoes. 

The new ASICS Store Plaza Singapura store brings a vibrant beat and shopping convenience to the Singapore retail scene, in addition to ASICS stores at Suntec City, NEX, VivoCity, Velocity@Novena Square, Bugis, Westgate and The Paragon.

Store Name
ASICS Store Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#02-04 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Phone Number
+65 6255 0400
Store Hours
Monday-Sunday: 10.30am-9.30pm


  1. umm yeah I've tried it too in the part of the World that I live in... but came out feeling it was more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. All of the shoes I tried where within a 5% difference, and furthermore the vendor explained that such small differences are mostly due to a certain margin of error of the captors rather than the performance of the shoes themselves (well, at least he was honnest...). I ended up buying a pair of Kayano Gel -24s, but I probably would've bought them anyway based on online reviews.


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