photo credit: Sony Singapore 

photo credit: Sony Singapore

I’ve had the opportunity to use Sony’s Smart B-Trainer™ for over a week now and have clocked about 90km so far in the trainer as of this post. I’ve used Sony’s previous offerings of waterproof sports MP3 headphones so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of fit and sound quality. Nevertheless, the Smart-B Trainer™ appealed to me on several fronts. Firstly, I like that it is the only sports-targeted headphone on the market that has everything built into one device: GPS, Heart Rate sensor, step counter and timer. Secondly, it has Bluetooth® capability which allows immediate syncing of data to your smartphone for you to analyse your data via Sony’s “Smart-B Trainer™ for Running” app. Finally, the fit of the headphones has been further refined with more earbud options and even a tension adjustment silicone strap to ensure a more secure fit when running. All these things combine to ensure that the fit is secure and sound quality is not affected when running even on uneven terrain. 

Sony’s Smart B-Trainer™ comes with a host of different sized ear buds to allow you to achieve a snug fit and optimize sound quality.

The black earbuds (pictured right) are meant for use in the swimming pool, needless to say the product is completely waterproof.

photo credit: Sony Singapore

Charging is achieved by means of a very secure USB-compatible charging clip.

Here you can see the silicone strap that really makes a big difference in stabilizing the headphones when you are running.

Here’s the kind of detail you can expect to see on your phone after you have uploaded your run into your smartphone app via Bluetooth®. The main benefit of uploading your running logs to your smartphone is ease of accessibility. You can track and monitor your progress anytime, anywhere and make quick adjustments to your training plans so that your next workout is more productive than the last.

The smartphone app can be downloaded as “Smart-B Trainer™ for Running” app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Sony’s Smart B-Trainer™ is currently retailing at S$399, in five colours (yellow, white, blue, pink and black) and is sold at all Sony Store, Sony Centre, specialist dealers or retailers. Head on over to any of these stores to give them a try.

Stay tuned for my next post as I delve more into the training and tech features of Sony's Smart B- Trainer™. 


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